Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Relaxation Day at Biwako

(Coming soon!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miscellaneous Photos and Videos

Random photos and all videos I've taken will go here soon~!

No More School and Travel Week

Yes, that's right, now more school!!! My fellow students and I can finally enjoy Japan without having to worry about constant projects, papers, homework, etc. Today we gave our final speech in Japanese and we were video taped. We will all be given a copy of the video later. We all did really well on speeches and everyone was proud of us. After we all gave our speeches, we were presented with a certificate of Summer Semester in Japan completion and a pair of gorgeous one of a kind chopsticks with each of our names engraved in them in hiragana. I received orange chopsticks and above my name is a pretty, little, intricate opal design. I'm so excited to show my family. Tomorrow morning (June 25th) at 5:30 AM travel week will begin. I will not have my computer with me since we only will be gone for 5 days. We are going to Nagoya, Gero, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and other places. I will return to the dorm on July 1. We will leave Japan July 3. I know I haven't been posting to my blog recently. Sorry about that daddy! I will send out the postcards to all my friends and family who gave me their home addresses before I leave. If I had internet in my room, this blog would've had a post every day. I was unlucky and the only one who doesn't have an internet connection in my dorm room. Anyway as I was saying, I will return to the dorm on July 1. We will leave Japan July 3. I know I haven't been posting to my blog recently. Sorry about that daddy! I will send out the postcards to all my friends and family who gave me their home addresses before I leave. I want to keep typing but I have to get up early. I will post pictures later.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Namja Town Ice Cream City, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower

Hello everyone. Sorry for not posting pictures for awhile. Everyone's been pretty busy here with school, field trips, and enjoying the sights. I will add descriptions to the pictures later. I know my family and friends have been wanting to see some pics. I am the only one who does not have the internet in my room which really stinks since Michael and I are the only ones who brought our laptops. Everyone's been using my Macbook computer so much I feel like it's not even mine anymore. I mean that's not a bad thing, but my computer started running slower than usual so I have it off limits for a week. Besides, there are three computers right next door to the dorm anyway. I can now upload my pictures, update my blog and write emails to family and friends. Everything is still wonderful here.
Yesterday, (June 13, 2010) Sam, Devin and I went to visit Tokyo Communication Arts- an amazing art school that has everything art from Photo Shopping to video games to just graphic designing and drawing. I will be busy this week and the next preparing for my Japanese final exam which is a 5 minute speech in Japanese about a topic we have covered in class, tons of vocabulary words, and a mini speech about a random graph we covered that we will be given the day of the exam. We will have to do our speech in front of a crowd not once, but twice. I have a severe case of stage fright. Japanese class is extremely fun even though it's quite difficult for me. I am a slow learner and it takes me a little longer than others to fully understand a lesson. I just have to study more than others.
Today is the start of the rainy season in Japan. The weather has been a little strange here, but definitely not as crazy as Pensacola's weather. I miss the smell of the ocean air... Well, I am in class now and I am beginning to think Dr. Gray believes that I am not paying attention to today's lesson. I shall post literally hundreds of pictures soon. Until next time, バイバイ :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tokyo Stock Exchange


Today, we went to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It was really fascinating. The TSE is the second largest stock in the world! Below is the out side of it.
Below is Devin, enjoying his Melon Soda.
Below, Sam and I at Denny's getting breakfast with the guys before our trek to the TSE.
Below is Dr. Gray enjoy a cup of joe.
Michael and Devin at Denny's.

(Below) In the Abercrombie and Fitch building in Ginza.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pictures Galore


April 26th, 5 p.m.: Reception Party at our host college, Tokyo Belle Epoque College of Confectionary (The first 9 pictures.)
Last night was truly amazing. Our host college threw us (Dr. Gray, Devin, CJ, Michael, Sam and myself) a Reception Party. When we arrived, we were given a menu of what was to be served during the party. After everyone arrived, we all gathered in an elegant room that resembled that of a cafe. We were welcomed by the owner of the college, famous chefs, and many others. It really warmed my heart to hear from several speeches last night that not only this college, but many other Jikei colleges throughout Japan and UWF have such strong relationships with one another for the past 20 years. It was then Dr. Gray`s turn to say a short speech then each of us from UWF had to say a short self introduction. Two famous chefs from nearby colleges said a few words after, then the party began.

The food served at the party put every show on the Food Channel to shame. Everything that was preapred was too beautiful to eat! After tasting practically everything, I came to the conclusion that everything preapred last night could only exists in two places: here at this gorgeous college in Japan and in heaven. In all honesty, money couldn`t buy what was prepared last night. The following pictures are a little out of order, but I breifly describe them.(Above) The last dessert that was prepared for us. A delicious fruit tart with a hallow white chocolate ball filled with sweet strawberry juice. (Below) Devin, modeling the fruit tart.
(Below) The chef who made the fruit tarts said a few words.
(Below) Micheal to the far left, Devin, Hama and Mikoto (the one holding the mug) in the middle. There`s the back of Dr. Gray behind Devin.
(Below) Michael`s "Delicious Design Coffee" prepared by Japan`s 3rd best chef. The leaf design was created by specific hand movents and cream.
(Below) My "Delicious Design Coffee" in the shape of a heart and a little leaf to the left. It`s absolutely adorbale and it was heaven in a cup. Truly tasty.
(Below) Several foods from the menu. Adorable and delicious!
(Below) Super cute dessert. I had a raspberry fruit tart and a macaroon. I said "Mmm" for about 10 minutes straight.

(Below) From left to right: Me, Sam, Hama, Mikoto.

Photo's below are from Sam:

(Above) From left to right, Shouta, Sam, Tsuyoshi.
(Below) Michael and Devin, all smiles.
(Below) Saki, Chimiko, Hama, Hama's friend.
(Below) Ito sensei and Sam.

(Below) Friends again. YAY.

(Below) The awesome guy who made our "Delicious Design Coffee."
(Below) Yoshi and Shogo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

During Class

It`s my 4th day in Japan. I am residing in a cute dorm/apartment in Eight City in Tokyo. It`s so beautiful here and I have often found myself in awe of my surroundings. People here are so friendly and are always smiling, especially people around my age. Everyone usually greets us and each other. As for my classes, they are a short walking distance from the dorm. I have two classes three days a week (Monday-Wednesday) and they are Personal Financial Planning, International Business, and a Japanese Language course. [P.F.P. is one day and I.B. is the next day, and continues in that pattern. Each class is roughly 2 1/2 hours long. My day begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 3:45 p.m.] I am currently in my I.B. class. Tokyo Belle Epoque was kind enough to lend each student a laptop while in class. Our teacher, Dr. Gray, is a really nice and cool teacher by the way. In the past few days, I`ve taken countless photos and videos. When I get back to the dorm after classes, I will post them all here! Until then my friends, ja ne.
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