Saturday, June 12, 2010

Namja Town Ice Cream City, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower

Hello everyone. Sorry for not posting pictures for awhile. Everyone's been pretty busy here with school, field trips, and enjoying the sights. I will add descriptions to the pictures later. I know my family and friends have been wanting to see some pics. I am the only one who does not have the internet in my room which really stinks since Michael and I are the only ones who brought our laptops. Everyone's been using my Macbook computer so much I feel like it's not even mine anymore. I mean that's not a bad thing, but my computer started running slower than usual so I have it off limits for a week. Besides, there are three computers right next door to the dorm anyway. I can now upload my pictures, update my blog and write emails to family and friends. Everything is still wonderful here.
Yesterday, (June 13, 2010) Sam, Devin and I went to visit Tokyo Communication Arts- an amazing art school that has everything art from Photo Shopping to video games to just graphic designing and drawing. I will be busy this week and the next preparing for my Japanese final exam which is a 5 minute speech in Japanese about a topic we have covered in class, tons of vocabulary words, and a mini speech about a random graph we covered that we will be given the day of the exam. We will have to do our speech in front of a crowd not once, but twice. I have a severe case of stage fright. Japanese class is extremely fun even though it's quite difficult for me. I am a slow learner and it takes me a little longer than others to fully understand a lesson. I just have to study more than others.
Today is the start of the rainy season in Japan. The weather has been a little strange here, but definitely not as crazy as Pensacola's weather. I miss the smell of the ocean air... Well, I am in class now and I am beginning to think Dr. Gray believes that I am not paying attention to today's lesson. I shall post literally hundreds of pictures soon. Until next time, バイバイ :)
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