Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ta-ta for now, America

It's around 10 p.m. right now and my feet haven't touched the ground all day. I'm so hyped about this trip to Tokyo, Japan! For those who don't know me, hello I'm Charlie and I am a student at the University of West Florida. I'm currently a sophomore and a Graphic Design major. Art is my thing- it's what I was born to do. Basically I eat, sleep and breathe everything and anything that pertains to art. Tomorrow morning (Friday, May 21) is when I and 4 other students from UWF leave for Tokyo Belle Epoque College of Confectionary to study abroad for 6 weeks. Fun, fun~! I'm glad that the people who were chosen to go are truly good (and a hilarious) group of students. I'm almost completely packed- I just have to pack up my Macbook and I'm good to go. And well, a few other small things as well. Our group will arrive in Japan roughly around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. I've yet to experience jet lag so I pray I won't look like a zombie while walking through Narita airport. Texas to Japan is a 14 hour flight... and we're leaving from Pensacola. 'Tis fine however because I shall bringeth thy Nintendo DS and novels. Plus I stashed away my GENKI I & II Japanese language textbooks from my past courses to study as well. On Saturday after we all unpack, I wonder what we'll do. Maybe we'll all be worn out and crash dead asleep upon entering our rooms or maybe we'll all be screaming for joy and want to explore our surroundings. I have Sunday all planned out though. Kazuki, my boyfriend, will come and pick me up and take me shopping and to grab some lunch. We're both so excited to see each other. He lives in Saitama which is roughly about an hour from the host college. My family is so glad that he's near by, so I know they feel pretty relieved. Well good people, I shall take my leave here. I've over typed my first post plus I should get at least some sleep. Next time I post, I'll be in Japan. Check back often for updates. お休み。
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